No. 18 Saddle
No. 18 Saddle

No. 18 Saddle

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Michael Thonet (Germany, 1796-1871) patented a process of bending solid and veneered wood under heat to create curved back-rails, legs and scrolled arms for chairs. Beech wood was an obvious choice due to its hardwearing yet workable nature. Today, the chairs are created in one of the last remaining original factories, continuing in the tradition for excellence by using the original techniques and methods. The No. 18 chair is not only timeless in design and function, but also one of the most successful chairs ever produced. 

- Handcrafted by European Artisans, the chair is created using reclaimed Beech wood.

- Custom options available for no less than 10 pieces 

Our furniture is made by hand and is usually shipped 8- 10 weeks after buying. We appreciate your patience as they’re crafted by artisans in Europe.

Weight: 7 lb
Length: 16 inches
Width: 19.6 inches
Height: 35.4 inches