About Us

This curated collection of goods was born out of my love for nature, the ocean, organic textures and block printed textiles.  Working as an interior designer, I come across amazing goods all the time as I work on projects.  I've always felt like a free-spirited Bohemian...forever drawn to the sea, wanting to stay in my summer clothing year round and run off to the next adventure at a moments notice. 

In reality, I live 8 hours from the beach, in the lovely, mild four seasons climate of Nashville, TN and my adventures mainly consist of chasing after 3 daughters and trying to get a quiet moment here and there with my husband.  All of which I would not trade for the world, especially since I can (and do) live in my Bohemian dreamland whenever I want. 

So here's to all the free spirited adventurers out there who want to embrace beauty, love and freedom in their lives, any day and every day...won't you be part of our tribe?  We'd love to have you!

xoxo -